• Injured...

    A couple of weeks ago we were playing at Ko Olina in Hawaii. That tournament has been on the schedule on and off since my rookie year and I really enjoy going there, despite the long flight! This year the Hawaiian paradise wasn't very good to me though. On or off the course... 

    I've struggled a bit with a back issue all year, but it became more serious while in Hawaii. One day I sat down for lunch at the golf course and could hardly get up from the chair. After seeing a doctor in Dallas a few days later and doing a couple of MRIs I found out that I have two herniated discs in the lower back. Ouch! They hurt!
    A bunch of medicine made it possible for me to move again and once the worst pain was gone I started rehabbing the back. I'm seeing a Physical Therapist three times a week and doing exercises on my own six times a day - it's redundant and fairly boring, but listening to good music and podcasts from Sveriges Radio makes it bearable! That Spotify subscription is definitely paying off :)

    I still don't know when I'll be able to start practicing again and I have absolutely no clue about when I'll be back on tour. But I will be back! And I'll be back stronger and better than ever!!!

    Following are some pre-injury photos from Hawaii to cheer you up after reading that depressing blog post :)

    My favourite spot!

    Hello, big boy (or girl)

    Water, sky, clouds, lava rocks. And two sea turtles!!!

    A pregnant, endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal (one of the rarest mammals on earth - only 1300 remains). Pretty sure my Mom had a similar view when she gave birth to me :)


  • Singapore - Golf

    Here are some photos from the amazing golf course at Santosa, Singapore!

    View of the 9th green from the 18th fairway

    Tom working hard during the practice round

    Looking back towards the 6th green and 7th tee from the 7th green

    Carro and Jaquo preparing for the 14th hole

    Prettiness on number 4

    View of the course and harbour from the 3rd tee

  • Singapore - Hotel

    New Zealand was great! Canberra exceeded my expectations! Thailand spoiled us! But those places were nothing compared to Singapore! 

    The hotel we stayed at was out of this world! I stayed on the 40th floor and the rooftop infinity pool was another 17 stories above me. The only bad thing about the hotel was all the tourists walking about clogging the place...  Here are a few photos from my week at Marina Bay Sands:

    View from my balcony

    Sunrise from the balcony

    Infinity rooftop pool

    How to spend an afternoon off the course

    Living on the edge


    The hotel

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