• Injured...

    A couple of weeks ago we were playing at Ko Olina in Hawaii. That tournament has been on the schedule on and off since my rookie year and I really enjoy going there, despite the long flight! This year the Hawaiian paradise wasn't very good to me though. On or off the course... About My Back

  • Singapore - Golf

    Here are some photos from the amazing golf course at Santosa, Singapore!
    Check them out by clicking HERE

  • Singapore - Hotel

    New Zealand was great! Canberra beat my expectations! Thailand spoiled us! But those places were nothing compared to Singapore!

    The hotel we stayed at was out of this world! I stayed on the 40th floor and the rooftop infinity pool was another 17 stories above me. The only bad thing about the hotel was all the tourists walking about clogging the place...  Here are a few photos from my week at Marina Bay Sands: Check Them Out

  • Thailand

    The week in Pattaya went by really quickly and I'm currently enjoying an amazing view from my hotel room in Singapore. The last tournament of this little stretch of events on the other side of the world will be played here this week and I spent all day at the golf course getting ready for the challenge!

    It's unreal how well we are taken care of during these events! The hotels are absolutely amazing, the golf courses are in immaculate condition and the fact that we travel in business class and get to see so many different cultures makes it even better!

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